Golf Travel

Take your game on the road with OGIO’s premium Golf Travel Gear. Shop essential Travel Covers, Golf Bags, Luggage, backpacks and more while discovering key travel tips that will have you playing at the best of your game, no matter the destination.

Expert Golf Travel Tips

    Cover Your Clubs

    Before packing your golf bag in your travel cover, put the rain hood over your clubs.  This will prevent them from moving around in transit.

    Off With The Head

    To protect your new expensive driver, remove the head from the shaft and pack it in its head cover in the side pocket of your golf bag.

    Pack and Protect

    Pack your extra jackets and shoes towards the top of your travel cover to add extra protection around the club heads.

    Stay Charged

    Don't forget a fresh battery for your range finder!  There is nothing worse than arriving for a highly anticipated round and not having your yardages.

    Be Prepared

    Always pack an extra layer for warmth and a layer to keep you dry, just in case.

    Load Up

    Double check that you've packed enough of your favorite golf balls; not every course stock every model of ball.

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